Friday, June 20, 2008

The Kurds' Way

A Different View Of Iraq
The Kurdistan Region All-Party Parliamentary Group launched a valuable report about Iraqi Kurdistan this week at a meeting in the Commons. It is worth an examination by all who follow developments in Iraq.

"Labour Friends of Iraq" have provided a summary of the report here with the following bullet points on its 8 recommendations -

"The report, written following a fact-finding visit to the Kurdistan Region in Iraq by the MPs in February, makes eight recommendations for the British parliament, government and people to consider:

1. Support the federal, decentralised system in Iraq.

2. Advocate the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution on the disputed territories.

3. Press Turkey to engage in talks with Erbil, Washington and Baghdad to find a lasting political solution to the PKK issue.

4. Raise awareness of the genocide against the Kurds.

5. Encourage British investment in various sectors of the economy and in English-language education.

6. Support efforts to protect and empower women.

7. Support the development of a free and professional media.

8. Support and encourage links between the Kurdistan Region and UK academic institutions."

The report, "The Kurdistan Region: Future Prospects", is available from appgkurdistan(at)

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