Sunday, June 22, 2008

Update : Why I Am Not A Bennite

In October I posted an article entitled "7 Reasons Why I'm Not A Bennite". An 8th reason has now emerged with Benn's support of David Davis in the contrived Bye-election at Haltemprice and Howden.

How can Tony Benn support someone whose overall views he is fundamentally in disagreement with? And how can he support the candidate of a Political Party which he has opposed throughout his life at election after election and (on fundamental issues) time after time in the lobbies in the Commons? It would be past my understanding if I had not already thought through 7 other reasons why I am not a Bennite.

Tony can hardly be attracted by David's personal qualities, because he has none. David was inept as a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party and handed the job to David Cameron. When on both Tory Government and Opposition front benches, he was always a fumbling light-weight. He must have been the worst Government Minister for Europe ever - and could hardly have gained Tony's admiration.

So Tony is knowingly supporting a plonker - but none of this surprises me.

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