Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Seven - But Far From Heaven (They can't wait there is now eight)

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How can seven former Labour MPs desert the very Constituency Labour Parties who adopted and nurtured them as successful parliamentary candidates for periods of over 8 to more then 26 years ?

For Constituency Labour Party activists should have been rubbing shoulders with these MPs for ages. Receiving regular reports back from them about their parliamentary and constituency activities, supplying organisers and activists for their parliamentary campaigns and being an avenue for passing on local problems which needed to be pursued at Governmental level.

With such friends, associates and contacts these MPs could have discussed their concerns about the operations of the Labour leadership, announcing their intention to stand down at the next General Election and facilitating a re-selection procedure for the eventual national contests.

If any local constituency comradeship ever operated during these MPs years in parliament, surely it should not now have counted for nothing.

But then less than 2 years is a short time in politics - click here.