Saturday, April 30, 2022

Ban Mobiles and the like for MPs when in the Commons.


Neil Parish is resigning as an MP after being discovered to have viewed pornography on a mobile devise in the Commons Chamber.

Yet all uses of such technology needs to be banned in such circumstances. For MPs are supposed to be there to follow and potentially participate in debates and to pursue procedural avenues.

 If an MP on the floor of the Commons needs to be contacted urgently, then Commons Officials can always contact them in the Chamber and the MPs concerned can leave and then use a phone or a mobile. They are supposed to be present to listen to debates and follow procedural developments.

Mobiles and the like often kill off such possibiities, with MPs following non-relevant issues.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Blunders of Boris

Boris Johnson appeared with medical experts time after time on television explaining what the rules for avoiding Covid were - at different times and replying in detail to questions. He must have said many things that were inconsistent with the matters he has now been found quilty over. I have searched for these interviews on the internet, but have so far been unsuccessful. But surely the Parliamentary Labour Party can come up with these. They need re-showing on TV and will further his departure as Prime Minister or lead to his massive unpopularity.

22 April - At last I have found this key source which spells out the failures of Boris. How and when he spelt out the rules to the pubic, then broke them on specific occasions in 10 Downing Street - . On top of which there is also this matter -