Monday, July 09, 2012

It's The Weather, Stupid

The issue at the front of people's minds this summer has been the state of the weather. If Labour wishes to relate to people's concerns and problems, then why are they not attempting to place the  floods and climate change at the front of the political agenda? It is not that nothing is happening. As can be seen here, Mary Creagh Labour's Spokesperson on the Environment pursued flooding problems in the Commons on 25 June. Whilst here on 13 June we see Caroline Flint Labour's Spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change announcing that Labour has commissioned a "fundamental and wide ranging" review on Green Growth. No doubt there are many other bits and pieces that can be pointed to. But what we need is Ed Miliband on a platform in front of the TV cameras with Mary and Caroline, telling us what major initiatives Labour are pursuing at this moment to tackle the consequence of the floods and to seek to overcome the problem of climate change. Or is it that Labour has nothing to say?