Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Your Photo Is Needed

I have just sent my photo (less my glasses to avoid the flash) to the TUC as a means of supporting its campaign for the protection of Zimbabwean Trade Union leaders. Your photo is also urgently needed to help this campaign. Click here to see what it is all about and how you can help. Spread the word via your own blog.

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John said...

Thanks very much for your help Harry. Saw your photo come in - and you'll be one inch square along with 2,000 others from all round the world come Monday! The response has been great, especially so given that we've only had 3 days to organise this. If anyone else wants to help too, please do send a mugshot, but the printing deadline is very close now. I reckon anyone who emails tonight or MMSes from their cameraphone by 9am tomorrow should still be in time though. Best wishes, John