Sunday, June 22, 2008

Iraqi Bloggers

For "Photos From Iraq" see the fine blog with that title. Her recent photo (opposite)shows the operation of a black market in the sale of petrol. As I observed in Iraqi Kurdistan this activity is widespead.

For a tour of 100 Iraqi Bloggers see Iraqi Bloggers Central.


Chris P said...

Thanks for the link Harry.

I agree with what you say about Iraq and Afghanistan. I disagree with the decision to invade Iraq for the reasons you gave; although I understand why others support the decision. For me the most important thing is that we support those who are building a democratic future for Iraq. At the moment I stil believe that the multi-national forces are crucial to securing a peaceful future for the country. I see signs for optimism for the future but its going to take a long time for the country to stand on its own two feet again. Let's hope the recent progress continues.

Harry Barnes said...

Chris P: Nice to come across someone on a similar wavelength.My support for action in Afganistan still left me free to criticise failures in the methods which were then and afterwards used. Whilst my opposition to the invasion of Iraq left me free to criticise those involved in terrorist responses.

I helped set up "Labour Friends of Iraq" (LFIQ) which has attempted to unite both Labour supporters and opponents of the invasion in seeking to work with Iraqis for improvements in their circumstances - mainly with our closest links who have been in the Iraqi Trade Union Movement.

As a symbol of the need to unite across the pro-invasion and the "Stop the War" barrier; Ann Clwyd (pro-invasion) and I become LFIQ's initial Joint Presidents. Since resigning from the Commons I have dropped back to Vice-President with Dave Anderson MP replacing me as the anti-invasion Vice-President as he shares my general stance. It is more useful to have sitting MPs as Joint Presidents.

Ann Clwyd and I wrote introductions to a key book about the Iraqi Trade Unions which the TUC published in 2006. My introduction and links to both the book and to LFIQ appear here -

Chris P said...

Thanks for the links Harry. I will certainly do what I can to support this group. You set a good example for people who opposed the war for whatever reason. Hopefully it will encourage others to concentrate on helping Iraq rather than bickering amongst each other.