Wednesday, June 04, 2008

For An Obama-Edwards Ticket

Visit and revisit this web-site for the continuing case as to why John Edwards should be appointed as Barack Obama's running mate in the American Presidential Election. It also provides an avenue for assisting in the campaign to have John Edwards adopted as the Democrats Vice-Presidential candidate.


Azarmehr said...


I would be interested to hear your comments on Obama's speech at AIPAC.

Harry Barnes said...

I thought that his speech was carefully crafted. It allows him to develop different aspects of his approach to latter distinctive audiences. So although he put things in a pro-Isreali context, he talked of Isreali parents being willing to make sacrifices for the well-being of their children. You could imagine a speech to a pro-Palestine group which would be a form of mirror image.

On Iran, he stressed the dangers both in their support for Hezbollah and in their pro-nuclear programme, whilst pointing to sanctions and "tough minded diplomacy" as the tactics to bring them into line. That leaves his options open, for how tough is tough-minded ? He tackled Ahmadinejad's holocaust denial, but he could have linked this to other human rights issues. He failed to focus on anti-democratic abuses inside Iran itself.