Friday, March 27, 2009

Iraq's Teachers Are In Urgent Need Of Your Help

Here is an important message from Labour Start

In the last few minutes LabourStart has been asked to launch a major international campaign in defense of the Iraqi Teachers Union which faces the threat of a government takeover.

The teachers are demonstrating tomorrow in their thousands in Baghdad.

Today, they're asking all of us to take just a minute and send off a message of protest.

Please click here to do so - and forward this message on to other members of your union.

Thank you.

Eric Lee, Labour Start

Here is an explanation of the situation. AND HERE IS AN UPDATE VIA LABOUR START.


Frank Partisan said...

Nobody does as good work for worker's rights as Labour Start.

Frank Partisan said...

I returned the favor, and linked to your blog.

Harry Barnes said...

Renegade Eye : Cheers. On your recent item on Northern Ireland, my own case has always been "Neither Orange nor Green, but Red". Although our tactics might have some differences. Way back, I introduced a debate in the Socialist Campaign Group about the situation in Northern Ireland. The only one who came near my position was Dave Nellist. When I wrote articles for Campaign Group News on Northern Ireland they were published in the "Points of View" column, whilst Gerry Adams had his material published without any such a disclaimer. Which just convinced me that I was on the correct track.