Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Heavens Open

The heavens opened on Tuesday evening as I made my way to the bus shelter. I was going to watch a football match at Sheffield FC's home ground and decided to get the bus for the short trip because of the dodgy weather.

I was surprised that the game hadn't by then been cancelled as this is what kept happening all the time last season. But improved drainage and a dedicated ground staff had seemingly overcome the problem.

The torrent as I ran to the bus shelter was unbelievable. But I could not return home without being drowned. So I jumped on the bus and made a quick dash for the Coach and Horses pub which is next to the ground.

Surprise, Surprise - the heavy rain stopped and it was game on with a soggy pitch. It was a pity really, for we lost 2-0 to Shepshed Dynamo.

This was the third home league game of the season. They have all followed a similar pattern. Each time the opposition has taken command in the first half, then when we have brought Matt Roney on as a substitute we have come fully into the game. This led to us grabbing a 2-2 draw against Charlton Town (see here) and then a 3-1 win over an unlucky Quorn (see here). The luck ran out against Shepshed.

In the first half it looked as if the gods were with us thanks to desperate defending, missed chances and the woodwork and it was 0-0 at half-time. Straight after half time Shepshed got what they deserved and took the lead (guess who hadn't got back in time from the Coach and Horse's to see the goal?).

Then Sheffield come into the game. Matt as substitute backed by Smudge (Paul Smith) who was playing as an attacking left-back, helped to take over the left hand side of the pitch. Just as the Benjamin twins (numbers 10 and 11) had done for Shepshed in the first half.

It wasn't so easy for the Benjamin twins to progress down the left-wing in the second half as they were now at the worst drained part of the pitch. Yet this did not stop Shane Benjamin scoring twice. The second was from a penalty given for something-I-know-not-what. But the rough justice delivered a just result.

Today (with some sunshine around), I am off to see our home game against Colne in the First Qualifying Round of the FA Cup. We qualify thanks to a 4-0 win over AFC Fylde in a preliminary round replay (see here).

But for our problematic home form in the league, we should be favourites to win today as Carlton (like Flyde) play at the 5th step of the Non-League pyramid, a step below Sheffield FC. And we all know what the FA Cup is like.

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