Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Loss Of Gravitas ?

In Iain Dale's rating of Labour Bloggers, I first appeared in 70th place for 2005-6 when I was a novice blogger. Then I bounced up into 21st place for 2006-7. So full of enthusiasm, I jazzed up my blog with the help of a scanner at the start of this year. What is the result? I have fallen back to 62nd place in this year's ratings.

Admittedly, Iain does not compare like with like this time. For this years list is for "Left of Centre Blogs" in place of "Labour Blogs" - in ideological terms I'm not sure if this widens and reduces the field for some Labour bloggers don't qualify for Left-of-Centre status from my viewpoint.

I can only assume that my attempt to be modern and "with it" has dented my saintly image. But I can't revert back again. A loss of gravitas is much like a loss of virginity. So with the help of more of Dave's photos of Sheffield FC games, I will continue to be promiscuous.

Weather permitting we have a FA Cup replay this evening.

But if I can't make it as a political blogger, perhaps like Iain I can make a bit of money in the publishing world with my own annual rating of footy bloggers - I might even get the backing of an Oil Sheik. But I won't be including Iain Dale's separate West Ham United blog in my list. This has nothing to do with my taking the hump over his political blogging ratings. It is just because I haven't got over West Ham's 8-0 defeat of Sunderland when Geoff Hurst scored 6. Then on my first two visits to Upton Park, Sunderland whom I have supported for over 60 years lost 6-0 and 6-1.

There is only so much that human flesh can take.


Iain Dale said...

Sorry Harry! The people have spoken. The main change this year was it was the votes of individuals which decided the placings. Last year it was done by a panel of bloggers.

Harry Barnes said...

Iain Dale : I understood. Twas just a bit of fun.

Johnny Guitar said...

The 100 top left of centre blogs in the UK and not one from Northern Ireland. We really need to get our act together. Perhaps if Labour organise here our standard of blogging will rise...

Harry Barnes said...

Johnny Guitar : a lot of people have serious problems when it comes to deciding on top left quality.