Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sidney, Where Art Thou?

The original version of Clause IV, drafted by Sidney Webb (left) in November 1917 and adopted by the Labour Party in 1918, read, in part 4:

"To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service."

This was replaced by a commitment to a "dymanic economy". Well we have arrived.


Silent Hunter said...


Why is the execrable B O B Piper putting a link to your site?

Are you aware of the type of comments he likes to leave on people's private e-mail addresses?

Here's a sample:

No, I didn't publish your last comment because you were incapable of expressing yourself without resorting to swearing on a site which is public.

I told him to F**k Off after HE abused me, & I would be happy to publish to verify this

And that is why I am telling you that you are a thick twat in private.

I get my guts from votes from the public... you get your kicks by fondling your dick in private. That's OK, whatever turns you on.

I am not New Labour, and I suspect could buy you out several times over so you don't obviously don't know what Orwell meant when he used the word prole. Nor will I be history... my Ward is very safely Labour, and we have a majority on the Council of over 50 seats.

All of which proves my point. You're a simpleton.

So there we have it!

What a nice paraphrase his mission statement..

"Not New Labour, Not Old Labour, Just 'Nasty' Labour.

Harry Barnes said...

Silent Hunter: I am sorry that Bob and you have had a spat, which probably has some history to it. I like his blog and the only real fault I can find with him is that he supports Aston Villa and Yorkshire Cricket Club, rather than Sunderland and Derbyshire. But even then, I was pleased that in 1950 Sunderland signed Trevor Ford from the Villa and I watched him score a hat trick in a 24 minute spell in his first home game for us against Sheffield Wednesday. I was also a big fan at the time of Willie Watson who was a top flight Yorkshire and England cricketer and a great Sunderland and England footy player.

It may give you some satisfaction that Bob has linked an item on his blog to this thread and, therefore, to your comments. Yet the thread is really about Sidney Webb, who between 1922 and 1929 was MP for the area I originated from. But that was even before I was born.

Robert said...

I disgaree with a lot of people, and then just ignore them or I will argue my case, but to fall into the trap of using word like well you know already means you have lost your case.

comfy socks and a bottle of rum said...

You're a godsend to the world of elegant comment Silent Hunter. With posts of such quality I'm surprised that the occasional foul mouthed rant is not welcome on all decent blogs. Looking forward to reading your next banned bit of drivel, oops not likely though as it'll be in the bin with the other garbage.

Silent Hunter said...


Yup! That's what I think!

BTW T.Rex rock.......I suspect we must be about the same age. LOL

Silent Hunter said...

Hello Harry:

"...the only real fault I can find with him is that he supports Aston Villa and Yorkshire Cricket Club, rather than Sunderland and Derbyshire...."

:O) Fair do's Harry. That comment did make me smile.

Apologies for using your Blog to have a 'pop' at B O B; however, if he was a 'decent chap' he wouldn't use my private e-mail address to post abusive comments to hide his true persona from his voters.
Had he published these comments on his blog, then I would have no problem with's the sneaky ness of it that leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

He's not quite the affable Bob that he likes us all to think he was simply to expose that hypocrisy that I made the link.

As I say, please accept my apologies Harry.
Unfortunately, I haven't a 'football' bone in my body but I am happy to accept that Sunderland are the best. ;O)
Although I have to confess an allegiance to Yorkshire. (Don't tell Bob, will you LOL)

Keep well.

Silent Hunter said...

Now I wonder who 'comfysocks' could be?

Hi B O B. :OP

Harry Barnes said...

Silent Hunter : I don't know what Sidney Webb would have made of this thread!