Friday, February 29, 2008

Shia Delight

To get a feeling of why the Shia risk life and limb to make the pilgrimage to Karbala in Iraq (often from Iran) see this 15 minute video. Unfortunately, I am unable to follow the sub-titles or the words that are sung. But I still find it moving (although I am an atheist). I gained access to this via Iraqi Mojo's blog.


Iraqi Mojo said...

Hi Harry, I'm glad you liked the video. I love your description "Shia Delight" - it really is!

I have added you to my list of Good Peeps.

Harry Barnes said...

Iraqi Mojo : if I'm in action, then on Iraq my first visits are to Last-of-Iraqis, Treasure of Baghdad and you will see from the recent material I have posted on Iraq!