Saturday, June 27, 2009

Burying Good News

The saturation coverage of Michael Jackson's death has meant that the bulk of the media have been able to bury the good news about the total victory of the unofficial strike by the workers at the Lindsey Oil Refinery.

Thanks to the Morning Star. however, we can discover that all the 647 sacked workers have been reinstated, offers of new jobs are being made to the 51 workers whose forced redundancies sparked the original walk out on 11 June and no one is to be victimised for taking solidarity action.

This boost is just what the wider Labour Movement needs. No wonder it only makes headlines in the Morning Star.


jams o donnell said...

It's sad that a striker's victory was hugely overshadowed by the death of Michael Jackson. He may have been a fine entertainer (not to my taste at all) but he was a deeply disturbed person

Harry Barnes said...

jams o donnell : On the whole the UK has a pathetic media. It often gets taken over by trivia or handles serious issues in a trivial way. To find out what the serious issues of the day are, I often have to turn to the English versions of foreign news programmes such as Al Jazaeera. Although you need to know where these alternative sources are coming from. A few weeks ago the Sunday Telegraph led on the £5 Frank Cook MP had applied for via his expenses for money an assistant of his had put into a church collection when standing in for him. It was a silly claim and was correctly refused by the fees office. Yet this bit of nonsense was picked up as the lead news by BBC TV and radio and by ITV and Sky and discussed at length by "experts". Yet it was only a footnote to the expenses scandal. There is little proportionality.