Monday, June 21, 2021

Northern Ireland - an immediate political issue.

The powers which have been devolved from our parliament to assemblies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may all contain elements which lead certain people to call for further adjustments. Including calls by some for the independence of Scotland and Wales, plus those who press for a United Ireland. But whilst these calls will continue to be part of the political agenda, the most serious issue to deal with at the moment is tackling the situation which now exists in Northern Ireland. Arising from the important Good Friday Agreement aimed at helping to establish peace and harmony on the island of Ireland, travel and trading barriers between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic were removed. Now, however, the UK-EU Brexit deal has led to trade barriers being placed between the UK and Northern Ireland. This is a disgrace when we have a leading overall parliament which covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The people who need to overcome this situation are those who created it. Our Government, the EU including representatives from the Irish Republic, plus the Irish Government. It is an issue along with the tackling of Covid which should be at the top of our immediate political agenda.

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