Friday, June 18, 2021

Labour's Roadmap

Yesterday Labour launched a roadmap to “bring Britain together for a fairer, more secure future”. Keir Starmer and Anneliese Dodds unveiled the policy-building project ‘Stronger Together: A Better Future for Britain’. Dodds explained that the party wants to “harness that spirit of togetherness” seen during the pandemic, working with the labour movement, academics and communities to “meet the challenges and opportunities of the coming decade”. Six key themes have been identified for the roadmap: better jobs and better work; a green and digital future; safe and secure communities; public services; a future where families come first; and Britain in the world. The party said the project will champion new technologies, “show how world-class public services can create new opportunities across the country” and “take on the battle of the climate crisis”. Whilst this is an important development to deal with some key issues, it is important that the leadership should indicate to us where we stand on these matters at the moment. Party members can then seek to nudge and expand on such proposals if they feel there are current shortcomings. And the electorate will know where we currenly stand on major issues.

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