Sunday, June 20, 2021

John Bercow as Labour.

John Bercow became a Conservative MP in 1997, ten years after I was first elected as a Labour MP and 8 years before I retired. He impressed me from the Conservative Back-Benches as he always spoke without making the use of notes and didn't normally stick to the Tory line. He was always his own person. I had retired by he became Speaker, but came across him on occassions. Includng a meeting he addressed at Sheffield University. Then on occasions I wrote to him at the Commons and received helpful responses from him written by his staff on his behalf. But unfortuneately I was unimpressed by the way in which he handled the Commons, as he often went beyond the role of the Speaker which is essentially to ensure that MPs are following correct procedures. He is now, however, free from such restraints. I wonder how he feels about the explusion of Corbyn from the Labour Party and if he will express his views on the issue. Then where does he stand on the development of Labour Party policy? He is not the person to keep quite on issues. I will be keeping an eye out on his efforts. But I am not sure that we shall see eye to eye. For what was he doing in the Tory Party for so long?

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