Thursday, May 28, 2020

Dominic Cummings and Goings


Dominic Cummings decision to drive his wife and their four year old son from their home in London to a separate property in Durham in order to overcome and protect themselves from Covid 19 was and remains incomprehensible. For his home is a property in London where they could always have self-isolated themselves, yet still have been in easy reach of medical help and any other assistance that was needed.
    It was not that they did not have anyone to turn to for help or advice. For even when Boris Johnson was in St. Thomas's hospital with the virus, Cummings still had sound links and connections with key members of the Cabinet. Sorting out help could not have been easier for a person in his position. 
   The fact that he then took his wife and son on a trip from Durham to Barnard Castle so he could test to see if his eyesight had been damaged by the virus is even more astonishing. What if he had found that his eyes had actually been effected ? And what if he had only discovered the problem after bumping into another car or injuring a pedestrian ?
    There are easier ways of testing your eyes than by driving a car.  Even just sitting in the driver's seat and having a look through the windscreen can be added to a standard form of eye test.
    The Government had instructed people that for two weeks after experiencing coronavisis they should not travel, even at the cost of missing the passing and the funerals of loved ones. People who followed these requirements must be gutted by Dominic's actions for his wife had Covid 19 symptoms. 
   In a long and rambling article on his facebook site my local Conservative MP Lee Rowley comes up with this very inappropriate conclusion -
" based on what I know, I’m not going to condemn Dominic for wrestling with the guidance and trying to work out what to do his best in difficult circumstances."    
   I appreciate that many people will have needed to make difficult choices recently over their Covid 19 experiences. But Dominic isn't just a normal person, he could have sorted out and turned to many in a key position for advice and have stuck with the Government's guide lines.  His failure to do this is a clear matter for his dismissal from his Government post or for his resignation.

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John Halstead said...

I read somewhere that his wife has a driving licence. Perhaps macho man thought mother should be looking after the child!
John H.

Harry Barnes said...

Hello John. Welcome to Blogger. You can now comment on any of my 885 items which have appeared on this site since 2006 ! The most recent hits I have had come from what are probably search engines from Turkmenistan. But more seriously, the item below this one may be of interest. It is by Hilary Cave on the condition of our NHS in the light of it tackling the pandemic. Versions of which have since also been placed on the ILP's web-site.