Monday, November 19, 2018

Key Parliamentary Papers On Brexit

For the avenue to access key parliamentary papers on Brexit link to here.

22 November even more important now see this. 

2 December. Labour are now threatening a parliamentary vote of confidence in the Government. If they then win the day, this could quickly lead on to a General Election. Such an election would be dominated by the Brexit issue. If they take office, Labour is for trying to reach a new deal with the EU which will place us even closer to them than under May's deal. If this fails to be achieved by a Labour Government then a fresh referendum will be on the cards. However popular this stance may be with the electorate in general (or not), it will be massively unpopular in many working class areas where Labour have traditionally drawn the basis of their support. Nor will it help in such areas that the vote could take place in the middle of winter. There would probably even be far larger abstentions than recently from these areas. How will a Labour Government then act to communicate with such people in ways which  overcome the many problems they face ? For the interests of other dominant Labour voters will be able to be pressed more effectively.  Then for electoral purposes Labour will increasingly come to ditch (and not seek to engage with) traditional labouring people. Who would have thought this of Corbynism ?

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