Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hello Natascha

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At last the Government has published the postal address and the e-mail address for us to contact Natascha Engel in her official capacity as their Shale Gas Commissioner. Happy hunting. Click here.

And just look at what Natascha is supposed to do for us. Click here. She is going to be ever so busy !  

Hat Tip - Labourheartlands (photo) SEE MORE HERE.


Unknown said...

I harry

Harry Barnes said...

Hello "unknown". In her official capacity, I have sent Natascha a submission of almost 3,000 words plus several attachments. I look forward to her response with interest. But if Labour forces a General Election and the Conservatives fall out of office, she could then be out of her job as Shale Gas Commissioner. But I doubt whether that will make her impoverished. Of course, if you are yourself Natascha or are acting on her behalf you will know this already.