Friday, March 17, 2017

The Two Worlds of George Osborne

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So far this year, George Osborne has only managed to make verbal contributions on the floor of the Commons or during Westminster Hall Debates on a total of three occasions.

The two items in the Commons were on the Industrial Strategy Consultation on 23 January and during the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal Bill) on 3 February. Then on 7 March he contributed to the O'Neill Review in Westminster Hall.

Now that he has become a newspaper editor will he even manage to keep up monthly contributions ?

To keep an eye on what he manages to do under various Parliamentary Procedures pay an occasional visit to this link.

It is clear that MPs can not serve the parliamentary interests of their constituents or society in general if they have extra employment and outside paid interests. Perhaps Osborne could seek to produce a Private Members Bill of his own on such lines, before deciding on whether he should retire from either the Commons or from his editorial role - and from other paid work. 

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