Monday, January 23, 2012

Needed - A Left Turn

Following the serious economic downturn of September 2008, I advocated the following economic, social and political programme. It is still what is needed. It would be good to see a Labour Party which proposed it. Dream on.

To Increase Economic Demand

1. Increase Pensions and other Benefits.

2. Increase Expenditure on Social Provisions in areas such as Health, Social Welfare and Education.

3. Finance a Council House Building Programme.

4. Take over houses that have been repossessed and rent these out to their former occupants.

5. Raise the Income Tax Threshold, without allowing the wealthy to benefit from this.

To Pay For This Programme

A. A Wealth Tax.

B. Windfall Taxes on Super Profits and Bonuses.

C. Raise Income Tax on the Top Earners.

D. Corporation Tax Increases.

E. Work also for International Taxes on currency and other forms of speculation. With the proceeds being used to overcome third world poverty.


Soupy One said...


Great programme, radical.

Shame that the LP are too Right-wing to consider it.

I look at Ed Mili and the shadow cabinet and I despair, they couldn't win an election if Stalin was stuffing the ballot boxes for them.

Harry Barnes said...

Soupy One : The problems with Labour keep getting discussed on this thread -

My position is to operate with one foot inside it and the other outside.