Monday, August 25, 2008

Defend Iranian Democrats

Tony McNulty MP
The letter below is self explanitory. I have sent a completed version to my MP (who isn't Tony McNulty opposite, but provides an avenue to approach him in his capacity as a Government Minister).

If you agree with the letter, then I hope that you will adapt it for use with your MP. To discover your MP's email and/or web-site details click into the list here. If you need to check out who your MP is then add your post code in the box provided.

Even if your MP is unsympathetic to the points made, there is no reason why they can't forward the letter to the relevant Government Minister on your behalf and seek a reply which can be forwarded to you. MPs have a set of standard forms for such purposes and you can expect them to act on behalf of a courteous and seriously expressed representation from one of their own constituents.

The case being dealt with concerns the well-being of one of Tony McNulty's constituents. Tony is also the Government Minister handling the case. The Speaker's ruling is merely that when an MP takes up a case involving someone else's constituency, they should let the Constituency MP know what they have done. So your MP at the most needs to tell Tony McNulty the MP that they have written to Tony McNulty the Government Minister!

Now for my email covering the serious issue involved -

Dear ......,

Arash (Abu-Ali) Mohajerani-Nejad has been arrested and detained in Charing Cross police station and is in danger of being deported back to Iran at any time.

In Iran he will be in considerable danger from the authorities as he is an active Iranian pro-democracy dissident advocating peaceful forms of opposition in support of his stance. His views and actions are similar to those of his brother Gholman-reza Mohajerani-nejad as expressed here -

Whilst the Home Office needs to be active in containing Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist threats, Arash's position is that of a genuine Iranian secular pro-democracy activist who pursues actions entirely in conformity with the principles he advocates. He should be encouraged and not have his life and liberty placed in serious danger by being deported.

Can you make representations yourself to the relevant Home Office Minister, Tony McNulty or at least forward this representation to him and request a reply. When it comes to you undertaking the normal courtesy of letting Arash's own MP know that you have taken up this issue, then this is Tony McNulty himself !

Thank you for your anticipated help.

Yours sincerely,
................ (add your address).

Hat tip - Azarmehr

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