Friday, August 03, 2007

A Serious Blogging Debate On Iraq

First, see this video about a young girl and collateral damage in Iraq.

The Debate

If you turn to a popular blog such as "Harry's Place", the comments often start off seriously but soon degenerate into a slanging match between the participants. For an exception to this rule see this item posted by Treasure of Baghdad. Up to my providing this link, there were 48 items in its comment box which provide a serious debate between 6 named blog owners, plus the site owner along with 2 anonymous comments.

The item is about the failures of Parliamentary Politics in Iraq. The contributors seem mainly now to reside in the United States, although this one has moved from there to Baghdad.

I hope that anyone who joins into the debate (including myself), will seek to maintain its standards - even if they strongly disagree with the thrust of the original article.


Fatima said...

Thanks for bringing this discussion up. But I'm actually back in the States at the time being. But my husband remains in Baghdad, so I feel like I'm still living there.

Harry Barnes said...

fatima; I have been away since 7th August so I have just seen your comment. Thanks.

It is 1955/6 since I was in Baghdad, mainly in transit between Habbaniya and the RAF Movement's Unit I was stationed at in Basra. But I had a couple of weekend stop overs in Baghdad at the YMCA! Apart from that the closest I have made it is on flights over Baghdad 16 months ago on journeys between Doha and Arbil!

Unknown said...

I think the problem bien.Igual in Iraq besides the home environment filled with uncertainty, there is little institutional. I think we achieved over time.