Wednesday, December 01, 2021


Save Our Care Homes!

Derbyshire County Council intends to close seven of its
Care Homes. We fear this may be the beginning of more
County Home closures. We need to stop the closures to
protect our elderly, sick and frail residents. The jobs of
skilled and dedicated staff are at risk, too.

Residents may be offered places in privately-owned
Homes up to ten miles away. As many Homes do not
accept residents with dementia, it is hard to see how
every resident will be able to find another place to live.

The Council claims it will cost a vast sum of money to
refurbish the seven Homes. Yet they have paid £6.63
million to private consultants to find out how to save
money on services!

DCC claims that demand for residential care places is
falling. This is because since early 2020, DCC has been
restricting access to assessments for these places.
Across the whole County, only 70 long-term placements
were allowed between February and December 2020.

Nationally, the Association of Directors of Social Services
disagrees strongly with Derbyshires claim that demand
for places in Care Homes is falling. The Association says
that the worsening shortage of care home places is cause
for deep concern. Why does Derbyshire County Council
think it knows better than the national organisation of

What can you do?

Tell your County Councillor this plan must be scrapped

Sign the petition online https://bit.lySaveOurCareHomes

Tell friends and family
p&p Chesterfield Save Our NHS 22 Boythorpe Avenue S40 2QE


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