Saturday, October 30, 2021

The late John Halstead



I link below to an initial obituary from the Society of the Study of Labour History concerning the sad loss of John Halstead. He worked with them in a telling way over a vaste period.  We were both born in 1936.

    I knew John very closely from the period from 1966 when I first joined the teaching staff of the Sheffield University Extramural Department, where he was already established.  Although I left the Department (which was then known as the Division of Continuing Education) to become an MP in 1987 we still maintained close links. Then when I retired in 2005 our meetings again became especially close. One area in which we regularly met being monthly Dronfield Labour Party Discussion Meetings. We last met around June when one of their meetings was held in our back garden.  It is a telling final memory to have of him.

Like the Society for Labour History I will elaborate on my memories of John soon.


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Unknown said...

It's a sad loss to his friends, colleagues in Labour History, as well as former colleagues at the University. John will be missed, not least by the Notts and Derbyshire Labour History Society, on whose committee he served for many years. On a personal level, John was able to notice hidden disabilities, empathising with those who experienced them. Hilary Cave, Secretary, NDLHS