Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fracking : We Can Still Press The Derbyshire County Council

Although INEOS have appealed over the head of the Derbyshire County Council to the Government in an attempt to gain permission to undertake vertical underground operations in a field next to Bramleymoor Lane near Marsh Lane in North East Derbyshire, the matter is still also in front of the County Council. As is shown here, the County Council have given us until 7th December to challenge what turns out to be a set of six fresh documents which INEOS recently placed before them.

(1) Here is the first of these documents which was submitted on 15 August. It covers Ecology, Archaeology, Landscape and on a brief effort to dismiss the NE Derbyshire District Council's submission.

(2) Here is the second document submitted on 18 August, dealing with Hedgerows, Site Clearance Work, Survey Timing, Detailed Species Surveys (e.g. feeding birds), Lapwings and Skylarks.

(3) Here is the third document submitted on 15 September covering a wide range of items including Noise, Metrological conditions and Topography.

(4) Here is the fourth document also submitted on 15 September covering INEOS's responses to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Friends of the Earth, Lee Rowley and Eckington Against Fracking -  in opposing a section of Lee Rowley's position they claim that considerations of the "cumulative impact" of further fracking in the area is not a matter they are legally required to cover.

(5) Here is the fifth document submitted on 2 October covering planning for the Core Well.

(6) Here is the sixth document also submitted on 2 October also dealing with the Vertical Hydrocarbon Exploratory Core Well.

Unfortuneately, to confuse matters the County Council have published item (1) above twice and item (3) three times, sometimes giving different dates.

Hat Tip Rachel Steele

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