Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Labour's Electoral Programme (Part 4)

A Charter For Young People

1. On university funding, we will reduce the burden on students and relate repayments to the ability to pay (pages 25, 85)

2. Raise the status and quality of vocational education with a gold standard qualification, covering relevant work experience plus English and Maths skills to be achieved by the age of 18; whilst building a post-18 apprenticeship and vocational education system (25, 77)

3. Provide high quality careers advice in schools and colleges (33, 78)

4. Introduce a fully funded jobs guarantee for young people who have been out of work for a year, which will pay the wages of participants for 25 hours a week, on at least the minimum wage (35)

5. Provide a quality and professional youth service (82, 109)

6. Ensure that all apprenticeships and occupational standards are agreed via industry-led bodies, comprising trade unions, employees and technical representatives relevant to the occupations, industries and sectors they serve (84)

7. Use public sector procurement to ensure that high quality apprenticeship is a prerequisite for any bid for significant government contracts (84)

8. Ensure that young people are better educated about their civic role via better quality citizenship education (108)

9. Outside of formal education; volunteering and mentoring schemes will be used to encourage democratic participation and involvement in civic society by young people (109)

10. Lower the voting age to 16 for all UK elections and provide avenues and facilities for young people to engage in the democratic process (109)

11. See that pupils are involved in decision-making in schools, whilst encouraging local councils to adopt a youth council or youth mayor programme (109)

12. Ensure that when young people have the opportunity to participate in youth services, they engage with their local communities and learn through practice about civic responsibilities (109) 

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