Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Turn This Map Red

Democratic Socialists should think in terms of campaigning for a social, democratic and federal Europe.

Germany also has an internal federal structure, with Landers. A Federal Europe would require it to operate within a three tier structure in which democratic parliaments operated at its regional, national and federal levels. A similar constitutional pattern is appropriate for both social and democratic reasons within Britain. Our third tier could appropriately be based on the present devolved facilities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Whilst a pattern for England could be based on the North-South divide, which rests upon clear social and political distinctions.

The federated structure would, however, enable voters to concentrate on their overall common concerns at both federal and national levels, as well as their seeking to further their regional well-being. There needs, of course, to be careful thought given to the powers and authority which is appropriate to each of the three tiers. But at the top federal level itself, the operation of a democratically controlled common currency then becomes a priority; as does the move to a common language being taught in all schools.

We should aim for a pattern in Europe which could, in time, commend itself for wider use across the world. Short term campaigning on improving arrangements within the European Union should always have the above wider objectives in mind.

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