Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow : In Case You Have Missed It.

Scenes from our house taken yesterday by my wife. The snow is now thicker. The first photo shows part of the view I look out upon over my computer. The second photo is taken from the kitchen doorstep. The final photo is what I look out upon when I do the washing up. The building in the background being the local Baptist Church built in 1871. It all looks fine if you use a walking stick and are housebound in such conditions. But its not so good for my wife who has just popped out to do the shopping.

NOTE 16 JANUARY : At last it has rained and much of the snow has disappeared.


Barbara1895 said...

I just could not read and not leave a comment this time. I initally found your blog while browsing for information about Easington. My father was born in Easington (1926) and the family left there in the 30's and moved to Warwickshire (Arley). My grandmother was born in Thornley. Her mother's side of the family had lived in that area of Durham for generations (Maddison and Burns).
I now live in Canada, but I am still drawn to hearing those stories about Easington, it pulls me back to times I spent with my wonderful grandparents. I just wish I could remember all the stories and family she told me about. From the research I have done almost all of the men in my family between 1870 to 1950 were coalminers.
Thanks sharing a more personal view of Easington

Harry Barnes said...

When I went to school, we lived next door to a family called Maddison. They lived at 4 Harrison Terrace at Easington Colliery. There was Sydney and Lily Maddison and their son Raymond, plus a young girl they adopted. My wife comes from Shotton Colliery close to Thornley. Do you remember the address of your grandparents in Easington and what their name was? Although your family left the area in the decade I was born, I have contacts in the area who may remember them and at some time I am likely to examine the electoral registers for the period. Almost all the men in my family from 1870 to 1950 were also miners, and the bulk of the women were wives of miners.

Barbara1895 said...

Hi Harry,
Thank you
My Grandparents were Tommy Pearson and Barbara (nee Jones). Dad just mentioned to me where they lived but for the life of me I can't find where I wrote it down. Something like 1 Allen Street, Easington Colliery. He said it was next door to the colliery.
Tommy had a brother called Bert Pearson who lived in Easington Village his wife was a Hannah Smith (her family were from the area also). They moved to Staffordshire eventually.
My dad said his dad (Tommy) was out of work for 2-3yrs before they moved to Warwickshire, Arley. Tommy was a wiz dominoes player in Arley, so I am presuming he played in Easington when he lived there.

Barbara's parents were John Jones and Elizabeth nee Maddison.
John & Elizabeth had about 8 children (Barbara,Jack, Bill, Elizabeth (Lizzie) , Mark, Frances, Nicholas, Katherine Mary).

Elizabeth Jones (nee Maddison my gr. grandmother) had a brother called Bartholomew Maddison, her sisters were Sarah (Jane) who married a George Etherington and Frances who married a Robert Nicholson.
I have a lot of information but no contact or photos (except of my dad and a 1913 photo of my grandparents taken I think when they married or engaged).
Harry I would be very interested if you come across a contact for me.
Hope the weather is better in England. In Vancouver we have a touch of rain but the temp. is mild.
Thank You

Harry Barnes said...

Barbara: I will attempt to place a map of Easington up as a new item on this blog. If it works, then under the map I will explain what I know that is of relevance and whom I will contact to see if I can get more information for you.

Harry Barnes said...

Barbara: See here -

And please click into the map. Try to the trace the film version of "Billy Elliot" much of which was filmed in the area where your grandfather lived. A snipit appears via the above item.

It is snowing now, but it not yet as thick with snow as showm on the photos I posted.