Monday, January 14, 2008

Abramovich - Eat Your Heart Out

Whilst I am a lifelong Sunderland supporter and a season ticket holder and member of my local team Sheffield FC, it turns out that I also own almost 0.04% of Chesterfield Football Club. This came as a big surprise.

It arises because in 2001 the Chesterfield Football Supporters Society (CFSS) was established in order to save the Club from liquidation. In support of its work, I joined the CFSS as a founder member and shareholder. Then in 2002, I became a life member and hold a great "Life Membership" badge.

The CFSS did a job which every football supporter should admire, taking a 75% share of the Club and saving it from administration.

There have been changes in the operations of the Club and I now find that I hold 400 shares in Chesterfield Football Club (2001) Ltd out of a total of almost a million shares. On my calculations, I own 0.04% of the Club.

Unfortunately, I seldom see them play nowadays. It is the same with Sunderland, but I can catch the Black Cats on TV as with that great win over Portsmouth yesterday.

I will try to make a game on a free Saturday at Saltergate, when Sheffield FC aren't at home. After all 1/2500th of it is mine, all mine.

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