Monday, October 01, 2007

One Blogging Oasis After Another

Suddenly we have links galore to political bloggers.

Iain Dale has now come up with his 500 top political bloggers - although only 300 appear here. You have to buy his book to get to the rest.

The fine service provided by Grant at "Political Opinions" is back up and running in a slightly modified form. It provides some 650 links.

Then "Socialist Unity" has come up with links to 101 top left bloggers, which is a valuable addition to Iain Dale's earlier 100 top left of centre blogs.

The fears I expressed in an item I posted entitled "A Blogging Desert" are almost overcome. All we need is an end to the block which Usmanov has placed on the operation of Craig Murray's blog. Chicken Yoghurt not only described this development, but produced his own list of links to most of the blogs who have campaigned on behalf of Craig Murray and others - currently providing another 302 links.

Even allowing for many similar links cropping up again and again, there must be around 1,000 separate links in the above lists. They should provide a few favourites.

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JRD168 said...

Harry, thanks for the comments about your first political memory, and political influences on my site. They were fascinating. Perhaps you'd publish them here for your army of readers also?