Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Then Comrades Come Rally

Peter Misses Out

I kept pressing for Peter Hain to stand for the Leadership of the Labour Party on the grounds that he was a closet Libertarian Socialist who could come forward with a feasible left-leaning platform that could stimulate a much needed debate in the Labour Party. I felt that he could have given Gordon a good run for his campaign money.

But it is not to be and Peter will only be a candidate for Deputy. I will give him my vote, as I hope that he can use the position as a launch pad in a future Leadership campaign - if, for instance, Labour lose the next General Election.

John Benefits

Given that the only possible Leadership contest now seems to be between Gordon and John, then I have no difficulty in making my mind up between them. I am not New Labour and reject the powers and freedoms of the market. So I can't support Gordon, even if he is developing a leftish form of New Labourism.

I am all for the debate for the leadership providing a democratic socialist challenge to New Labour. John who has ability, conviction and a pleasing personality; will certainly fly this red flag. I might be being carried away in a wave of emotion, but I will now join with my former comrades in the Socialist Campaign Group and give John my full and active support. If all else fails, at least I will enjoy myself.

'Another World Is Possible"

The above is the title of John's Campaign document. His Campaign operates from www.john4leader.org.uk and info@john4leader.org.uk. See here.

My own statement for use in his Campaign is -

"John has wide ranging abilities, understandings and commitments. When dealing with issue after issue, he invariably thinks through sets of serious proposals and pursues them with determination and dedication. Without John as a candidate for Leader, there will be no debate in the coming key weeks inside the Labour Party about whether its future can rise beyond the confines of New Labour and embrace the norms of democratic socialism."

If I am now guilty of an emotional spasm, then long live red emotional spasms.

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