Thursday, May 04, 2017

Under Fracking Could This Happen Near You ?

 environmental legacy of mining in Britain

Do you live, work, shop, travel, play or socialize near any former or remaining coal seams ? To check this out, I provide appropriate links near the end of this item. Although these can only deal with what has so far been discovered.

When you follow them, you might be in for a shock, because coal extraction in this country has been taking place for hundreds of years.  Long before many of our current facilities were ever built.

If you find anything, then it is likely that a firm will currently hold legal rights from the Government (subject to planning consents) to engage in fracking operations beneath such places. The owners of properties themselves having had their previous rights to prevent such actions removed from them in England under Government legislation.

It is exactly such areas which are likely to be attractive to those seeking to obtain shale gas. These areas can easily be accessed via underground horizontal fracking activities, which can be set up from neighbouring vertical operations which can initially be established in nearby rural areas. The horizontal extractions can fan out from such initial vertical activities and reach out to under major urban territory.

From experiences in the USA, the vertical starting point for such operations can lead to horizontal  underground extractions travelling distances of up to three miles. So few people in such danger areas will be immune from possible fracking problems.   

To check your own position, turn to this Interactive Coal Authority Map - click here.

If, like me, you have limited computer skills you might need to turn for help to your children or grandchildren.  But it is well worth the effort - either for your peace of mind or to recruit you to the nearest anti-fracking group. Unfortunately, the Coal Authority readily admit that they have not yet found every possible place - it is involved in a huge project of historical research. 

From a further avenue you can separately examine wide ranging areas which the Coal Authority judge to be "Development High Risk Areas" - click here.How close are these to you and yours ?

Then if you feel a need to check with the Coal Authority to see if your own property is fully effected, also click here.

I apologize if what I say repeats various earlier material placed on this blog. But I feel that it is of deep and immediate importance - especially in my own area of North Derbyshire.

If people have a blog facility, they can let me know generally what they find that is of relevance to them - via my "comment box" below. l will also add links to this item via local anti-fracking sites, then those on facebook can respond via these. Anyone who comes across me can also let me know what they find. Any information given to me privately, will not be circulated without the person's express consent.  For, I appreciate that anyone living near former mining areas could have the value of their property hit if fracking ever takes place near them. Publicity about their problem might then seem to be rather counter-productive. 

(For the source of the above photo see here.) 

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