Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Index : INEOS Pre-Fracking Application

In the eight preceding blog entries below, I have summarized INEOS's application for pre-fracking rights at a site off Bramleymoor Lane near Marsh Lane. Although sometimes this is all little more than a list of contents, which people may then use to focus on items contained in the full 731 page submission. But there are some passing comments and explanations.

If people trawl backwards into these blog items they will move via parts 8,7,6,5.4,3,2 back to the start. Therefore, below I provide links to click so these items can more easily be examined in a logical order.

Part 1 which sets the scene for what follows, can be found via this link.

Part 2  gives (a) INEOS's three page covering letter, then (b) a summary of  a 38 page submission entitled "Application Form, Certificates and Checklist". Click here.

Part 3 gives a summary of a 38 page submission "Our Proposal Explained". The Link.

Part 4 gives a summary of a 42 page submission "The Proposals". Next.

Part 5 gives a summary of a 24 page submission "Application Drawings". Here.

Part 6 gives a summary of a 54 page submission "Planning Statement". It is here.

Part 7 gives a (impossible) summary of a 445 page submission "Environmental Report". The 445.

Part 8 gives a summary of a 56 page submission "Statement of Community Involvement". Last Time.



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