Saturday, May 27, 2017

Part 5 : INEOS Pre-Fracking Application

Part 5 of the INEOS application provides a set of 22 "Application Drawings" over its 24 pages as shown on the Derbyshire County Council site. Click here.

By their nature these drawings can not be summarized. But in examining them, comparisons can fruitfully be made by using the Coal Authorities Interactive Map and homing in onto the position of the Bramleymoor Lane site. When you do this, click into the categories in the box in the top right hand corner, especially those showing "Development High Risk Area" and "Mine Entry". You will discover that there are two from each category (on top of each other) on the site INEOS are seeking to use. How safe is that ? Click here.

Also see the map at the close of Part 1 of my summaries. This is taken by INEOS from a different Coal Authority source, to which they have added a red box to pinpoint the site in question. The two small black circles on their map being the problematic "high risk areas" referred to above. Click here. 

People can also check out how far they themselves live from a "Development High Risk Area" and a "Mine Entry"  - or from the other categories provided by the Coal Authority.

The order in which these drawings are listed on page 2 of this submission are - 

List   List of Application Plans

 A Strategic Location Plan

Application Site Plan

 Existing Ground Plan

Proposed Site Entrance & Highway works

Proposed Site Layout Plan - Construction

Proposed Site Layout Plan - Drilling Stage

Proposed Site Layout Plan - Listening Stage

 Proposed Site Restoration

Proposed Lighting Plan - Drilling & Coring

 Proposed Drainage Plan

Proposed Site Layout Plan - Suspension

Proposed Internal Access Plan

Proposed Sections & Details

Proposed Site Layout Plan - Possible workover

Parameter Sections - Develop. & Establish

Parameter Sections - Drilling & Coring

Parameter Sections - Suspension

Parameter Sections - Work over of Well

Parameter Sections - Listening Stage

Parameter Sections – Abandonment

     Fence Details
     Lighting Examples

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