Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Part 8 : INEOS Pre-Fracking Application

This is the final summary (part 8) of INEOS"s application submitted to the Derbyshire County Council to start its operations on land adjacent to Bramleymoor Lane near Marsh Lane in North Derbyshire. It is entitled "Statement of Community Involvement" and covers 56 pages - see here. However, anyone visiting the community would be hard pressed to find anyone who agreed with the thrust of INEOS's case. I refer to the pages as they are numbered in the top left hand corner of the County Council's coverage.

Page 4.  1. Introduction.

Page 5.   2. National and Local Policy Guidance.
               2. 1. National Planning Policy Framework.
               2. 2. Planning Practice Guidance.
Page 6.   2. 3. MPA's Statement of Community Involvement (MPA = the Derbyshire County Council's Mineral Planning Authority).

Page 7.   3. Pre Application Stakeholder Consultation.
               3.1. Presentation to MPA Officers and Members.
               3.2. Meeting with MPA Officers. (So can we have similar meetings please ?)

Page 9.  4. Public Consultation.
              4. 1. "Town Hall" meetings. (These were INEOS meetings for Parish Councillors and the like. I arranged to attend two of these. See here for a report of the first of these, which was held at Staveley. I attended a similar event at Shirebrook).
              4.2.   Consultation website.
              4.3.   Public Exhibitions. (These were at Green Lawns and the Marsh Lane Community Centre. I attended the latter). This section also includes - "Natascha Engel MP met the company as part of her research into issues around shale gas extraction. INEOS hosted a visit by Ms Engel to their four well gas production facility near Warrington, Cheshire as part of her fact finding series of visits to well sites and protest camps in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire" .
Page 11.  5.  Exhibition Feedback
                5. 1. (Part of the feedback is drawn from those who bothered to complete forms at the close of these "public consultations". Yet most of the disgruntled just ignored them as being rubbish.)
                5.2. Exhibition - (Charts)

Page 18.  6.  Responding to the Feedback.

Page 24.   7. Conclusions.

Page 25. Appendix 1. Exhibition Invites (e.g. "Dear Resident"letter and advert).

Page 29.  Appendix 2. Newspaper Advert.

Page 31.  Appendix 3. Feedback Forms (page 35 gives a "current form").

Page 36.  Appendix  4. Exhibition 1 Banners. (Page 37 shows a huge map of the area surrounding the proposed INEOS site, covering an area of 4,000 metres x 3,000 metres).

Page 52.  Appendix 5. Exhibition 2 Banners. (gives a huge picture of a rig - but it is not lit up for nighttime). 

Page 53 - photo of the mound.

Page 54. - a large well-site diagram

Page 56-  an ariel photo of the wider area.


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