Sunday, May 21, 2017

Part 2 : INEOS Pre-Fracking Application

(A) The first document submitted by INEOS to the Derbyshire County Council is only three pages long. It seeks the following overall permission -

‘Construction of a well site and creation of a new access track, mobilisation of drilling, ancillary
equipment and contractor welfare facilities to drill a vertical hydrocarbon exploratory core well and mobilisation of workover rig, listening well operations, and retention of the site and well head assembly gear for a temporary period of 5 years on land adjacent to Bramleymoor Lane, near Marsh Lane.’ 

My note : this is "only" (elsewhere) for up to five years. So the sooner they advance this work, the quicker they will hope to engage in full scale underground fracking.

It then lists eight sets of enclosed material, which I will later go on to summerise (and comment upon) in the order in which they are presented by INEOS. This first document ends with an Annex which lists the headings of 24 documents which I will draw from in the following seven items, doing this in the order in which they are presented.

(B) The next document is 38 pages long and is entitled "Application Form, Certificates and Checklist".  The page numbers I use are those provided on the County Council's site for this particular item.

Page 3 on the Type of Application - "full planning permission for oil and gas working including exploratory, appraisal and production phrases"

Page 4 on Type of Development - "explority phase"

Page 5 on Hours of Operation -
                  Use                    Monday to  Saturday             Sunday and Bank Holidays                                  Construction         07.00 to 19.00                               n.a.
               Drilling                 00.00 to 23.59                       00.00 to 23.59
               Suspension/          07.00 to 19.00                               n.a.

Page 6 shows the need for new or altered vehicle access to or from a pubic highway and the same for pedestrian access. The full-time employment equivalent to be approx 15 people, not including the local supply chain. With trees and hedges being on the site or on adjacent land, there may need to be a full tree survey at the discretion of the local planning authority.

Page 7 shows that the designated area is in a greenbelt. On floodrisk - surface water will go via a soakway with interceptor ditch and sump. There will be foul sewage "stored in proprietary tanks with on-site-toilet facilities and collected from site by licensed water carriers for disposal"

Page 8 on disposal of trade effluent and waste - "All solid and waste will be stored on site in segregated facilities". Storage will be in self bunded sealed containers. There is a blue line on a map showing which lane is open to the applicant, subject to the formal approval of the landowner.

Page 10 gives notices to the landowner and the County Council on 8  May 2017. Then where notices were placed on 27 April 2017 and in the Derbyshire Times on 8 May 2017.

Page 11.  Item 24 claims that the planning requirements have been met.

Pages 12 to 18 - "Planning Portal" - this is mainly used to claim that the required items have been covered in the application.

Page 21 gives the Site Notice.

Pages 22 to 31 gives evidence of the above notice being displayed on the site, showing 18 photos as proof.

Pages 32-34 gives the notice placed in the Derbyshire Times.

Pages 35-38 gives the notice given to the landowners.

An earlier notice. Bramley Moor Marsh Lane




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