Monday, March 01, 2010

Solidarity With The Iraqi Teachers' Union

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has issued the following message of solidarity to the leaders of the Iraqi Teachers' Union:

'British trade unions salute the bravery of the Iraqi Teachers Union and its leaders in resisting interference by the Government and political parties of Iraq. We call on Iraqi politicians to respect Iraqi teachers' desire for a free and independent trade union to represent them, and abandon threats and intimidation against its leaders.'

For the full TUC statement and the reasons behind it see here.

Hat Tip : Labour Friends of Iraq


Coventrian said...

Given this, an other anti-democratic moves by Maliki, do you regret your involvement in the so-called Labour 'Friends' of Iraq?

By now you must have found out how much the LFIQ or Gary Kent personally have received from Maliki's Islalmic Dawa Party for all the PR work they have done for them.

So Harry, come clean. How much?

Harry Barnes said...

Coventrian : Labour Friends of Iraq (LFIQ) have always given help and backing to the Iraqi Trade Union Movement and have always had close links with the Iraqi Teachers' Union. When I was an M.P. I persistently used the avenues open to me to press such interests and had invaluable assistance in this from Gary Kent. LFIQ were fortunate that when I retired that there was a new MP, Dave Anderson who fully took over this role - again with the active involvement of Gary Kent.

I appreciate that if I ever raise matters on this blog about Iraq that you will keep going round and round your chosen roundabout. But I have no intention of following you round on this non-journey any longer. I am sorry that you seem to have no other interests in Iraqi issues.

Coventrian said...

Hi Harry,

you are very mistaken. I have a deep interest in Iraqi affairs, which is why I am curious as to why a supposed Labour Party group like LFIQ carries out PR work for the reactionary, anti-trade union Islamic Dawa Party.

As you know, Maliki runs death squads, has harassed and arrested members of Oil Workers Union, and now has turned on the Teachers Union.

So why do you back Gary Kent and the LFIQ when they, for example, organise stalls and meetings at Labour Party conferences for Maliki's thugs?

It seems that te Ismaic Party's financial support to Kent and the LFIQ are more important than any LFIQ 'support' for Iraqi trade unions.

As I have asked before, and you have refused to answer, how much have Gary Kent and the LFIQ received from Maliki's Islamic Dawa Party?