Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baghdad's Socrates

Last-Of-Iraqis has surpassed even himself. First he posted a telling item about the horrors of the down side of life in Baghdad since the invasion. I covered this contribution under my heading "Baghdad's Picasso". Now he has posted a equally compelling item which reveals the hope that springs eternal in the hearts of the bulk of his fellow citizens, be they Sunni or Shia. His fine videos and photos of the recent Islamic festival at Adhamiya in Baghdad are only exceeded by his description of both the events and his feelings. People crowded into such enjoyable festive activities in Baghdad will surprise many.

The two posts by Last-of-Iraqis give us the down side of life in Baghdad as his initial thesis and then the up side as the following anti-thesis. I can't wait for him to draw his synthesis from what only the unthinking would judge to be conflicting items.

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