Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who Is Using Whom?

Yesterday I thought that Jon Cruddas was playing a clever game. But now he seems to have gone over the top. He is billed as appearing on the platform at the Opening Plenary Session of a Morning Star Conference on 16 June entitled "Politics After Blair". He will be alongside the paper's editor, John Haylett.

Other speakers include Salma Yaqoob(Respect), Andrew Murray(Stop-the-War Coalition), Kate Hudson(CND), Rob Griffiths(Communist Party of Great Britain), Bob Crow(RMT), Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone and John McDonnell.

Does Jon really want us to believe that he is part of this camp? And will those attracted by the Conference really believe that he has become one of them? His appearence does not worry me, but in moving to embrace the Hard Left is he not in danger of alienating some of his existing supporters who have not yet filled in their ballot papers?

Jon is in danger of losing his Compass.


calgacus said...

Hi Harry - this isnt on the topic above really - but i've finally put up my reply to Nick Cohen etc on Iraq and one page is a reply to you on Iraqi trade unions (though i have to admit to preferring your writing to Cohen's by a long way). Thought it was only fair to let you know so you can get to reply and correct me/debate it further if you want to.

All the best,

Harry Barnes said...

I have placed an initial response in your comment box on what seems to be the last item you posted as calgacus. I can't reply in the comment box to your article on Iraqi Trade Unions as the facility seems to be missing - although it exists on the other 11 items you have posted in your series, if I am prepared to register with you
(the purpose of registration being something I don't understand).

calgacus said...

It's just a misunderstanding between me and my youngest brother.
I asked him if there was some way to prevent spam or delete posts that were just abusive if necessary. He thought this would be the simplest way. It's not ideal and i've asked him if he could make one that doesnt require registration but allows me to block/delete spambots and abuse - don't know when he'll have time though.

Probably just having a blog instead of a website would've been easier. I do have one but it'd take some time to convert everything i've done from html format so i'm likely to wait on my brother giving me new java script that doesnt require registration (i only know some html)

calgacus said...

Talked to my brother tonight and he should give me a script that doesnt require registration in the next few days. It turns out he only has to remove some script not do any new stuff so it shouldnt be hard.

I'll email you or post here when he's done it and i've updated the pages - sorry about this.