Friday, June 29, 2007

There Is No Stopping Gordon - Unfortunately

Stinking Fish

In appointing two further Lib-Dems from the Lords as advisers and four other non-labour people as Ministers, Gordon Brown has fully confirmed the fears I expressed yesterday.

The disgraceful appointment of Sir Digby Jones is not merely non-labour, it is solidly anti-labour as this former chief of the Confederation of British Industry has shown in his repeated attacks on trade unionism and on even mild labourite aspirations.

Gordon's Government is looking more and more like an embryo-National Government. I did well to call him Ramsay MacBrown.

Improving The Positioning Of The Deck Chairs

The only semi-decent move he has made in his appointments so far, is the establishment of seven Ministers for the English Regions. This will, of course, only work reasonably if Select Committees and a separate Parliamentary Question Time are provided for each of these, so that each Region's back-bench MPs can openly pursue the local concerns of their constituents. Such provisions might emerge in a statement Gordon is due to make in the Commons on Monday.

Unfortunately, anything positive that comes out of this is seriously overshadowed by Gordon's life threatening blows to labourism.

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