Friday, June 22, 2007

Which Is The Spoof?

Gordon Brown has an article in today's Tribune entitled "My Passion, My Priorities, My Vision". In only 11 paragraphs it contains the words "I", "me" and "my" no less than 22 times.

I am now awaiting his appearance on the steps of 10 Downing Street after his return from Buckingham Palace to tell us "We are now Prime Minister."

He also makes 17 uses of the terms "our", "we" and "us". As in -

"Labour is the only party committed to social justice, fairness and equality. Our party is the only party that will stand firm for Britain's hard working families, the only party focused on better public services and the right educational opportunities for our young people"

Which is a bit inconsistent with his invitation to Lib-Dems to join his Government.

Alongside Gordon's article is a hilarious one by Chris Proctor on Gordon's coming coronation at Labour's get-together at Manchester. This includes -

"The leadership coronation will be run on traditional lines. Entering on a Roman chariot and bearing aloft his trade-mark budget briefcase, Il Duce will be borne on a chaise longue to the main podium by the chairman of Asda with his "Grateful for the minimum wage" button badge, MediCare shareholders sporting their "Yes to NHS Reform" logos and the Arms Trade Sinfonietta singing - and meaning - Oh! What a lovely War!"

The way things are going perhaps it was Gordon's article that was the spoof and not the one from Chris.

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