Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quenton Davies As A Local Labour MP

Give a thought to active Labour Party members in the Grantham and Stamford Constituency (which covers part of the area previously contained in the Stamford and Spalding Constituency) who have been opposing this hideous Tory MP for up to 20 years and now find that he represents them in Parliament and will be entitled to participate in their activities. It is more than flesh and blood can bear thinking about.


Dave said...

Harry, it's excellent news. I hope local members welcome their new MP warmly. And they needn't worry - he won't be there for long and they'll presumably have an even more dreadful Tory soon enough.

susan press said...

Harry, I will be returning to this blog very often for solidarity! The PLP has gone stark, raving bonkers.

Harry Barnes said...

I knew Quenton Davies and never felt at ease in his company, given his views and his manner. I feel unhappy about being in the same political Party with him. Imagine how those locals feel who attempted to undermine him for 20 full years. Life can't just be a matter of scoring temporary points over the Tory leadership.

The BBC missed what Gordon said outside No 10. He indicated that his Goverenment would include numbers of non-Labour people -" I will reach out beyond narrow Party interests...a Government of all the talents.." We are edging towards a National Government. No doubt some will say "so what?". Miliband's father packed up political Party activity to concentrate on political education - we can of course do the latter without doing the former. There is almost nothing else remaining, and for a Party that has no sense of history (especially Iraqi history) political education is at a premium.

Rob Shorrock said...

As Secretary of the Grantham Branch of the Labour Party, I can say that we genuinely welcome Quentin to the party fold. Yes, we have campaigned against him in the past but at the same time had been working with him on the campaign to save our local hospital.

We have a Labour MP in a seat which has never been Labour. Is that, in itself, not a good thing?



Harry Barnes said...

rob shorock,
It is not what I expected. But as long as you and the Constituency members are happy.