Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's Poom, It's Poom .....

As England succumbed to a last minute equaliser against Brazil last Friday, they had better watch out that this isn't repeated or capped by Estonia tonight.

In particular they need to watch out for a tactic of the Estonian goalkeeper Poom, which can be accessed here.

Poom was in goal for Sunderland at the ground of his former club, Derby. Sunderland went down 1-0 towards the close of the game and against the run of play, then obtained a corner in the dying seconds. Poom rushed up the field and headed a dramatic equaliser.

I was with the Sunderland supporters, waiving my walking stick in the air in delight. We all went crazy, singing-

It's Poom, its Poom,
It's Marty, Marty Poom,
He got the ball.
He scored the goal,
It's Marty, Marty Poom"

Watch out for the Estonian version. On his day, Poom is also capable of keeping a clean sheet. His last minute header could be the winner this time. McClaren, you have been warned.

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Kerron said...

And he's a Watford legend in the making. :-)