Monday, July 05, 2010

Backing from the Socialist Health Association

The Socialist Health Association are backing the call for candidates in the Labour leadership election to issue "Manifestos of Intent". Andy Burnham is the only candidate who has so far agreed to do this.


JG said...

An excellent idea Harry. Why am I not surprised most candidates have declined?

Harry Barnes said...

JG : They are probably too embarrassed to decline. They just ignore our representations, even though on 18 June at a meeting in Sheffield David Miliband greated me like a long lost brother (well one that isn't standing against him for the leadership) and I handed him a copy of our letter.
I also have a letter in today's Guardian on the issue.

JG said...

Hah! Miliband seems insincere at the best of times.

Couldn't find your letter but found this excellent piece about universal healthcare and Bevan's vision.

Harry Barnes said...

A fine article on Bevan and the NHS. This is the link to my letter -

At a meeting with Ed Miliband yesterday evening our issue was raised. He said that he had not seen it as he had been campaigning all over the country, but would look out for it. After all it is only 3 weeks since the first missive arrived in his Common's Office. The same day his brother was handed it.