Saturday, July 31, 2010

Manifestos of Intent - the latest

The campaign on Dronfield Blather to get the five candidates in the Labour Leadership contest to issue "Manifestos of Intent" is making steady if slow progress. Four of the candidates have agreed that they will do this. But no response at all has yet been received from Ed Balls despite numerous efforts to get him to respond.

August 16th sees the start of the balloting in the contest. All the submissions that are received will be published alongside each on that date - unless all five can be published together on an earlier date. See here also.


Unknown said...

Great news, Harry. Good on you for persisting with this.

Harry Barnes said...

James : Ed Balls has now agreed with us that he will issue a Manifesto. So technically we have all 5 candidates on board. It is now a matter of getting them to (a)deliver what are (b) substantial documents.

Peter Kenyon said...

Dear Harry

Congratulations on the commitments. Small detail: Ballot papers are now not expected to be posted before 1 September, rather than the 16 August date cited previously.

This should not detract for the need for the Manifestos of Intent from the five wannabes.

Harry Barnes said...

Peter : Thank you for the information. Do you know if the votes by MPs and within affiliated organisations follow a similar time-table? Getting the candidates to meaningfully live up to their commitment on the Manifestos of Intent is now our problem. All that we hold are what I call Minifestos from two of the candidates. I am trying to get them to come up with something more helpful. Its a bad month for effective action, but if you come across any candidates or their associates then perhaps you could push the issue.