Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sponsorship And Support

Sheffield FC at Step 4 of the Non-League Pyramid have just announced a sponsorship deal with Pirelli. Well it is one up on Newcastle United who are still playing with "Northern Rock" on the front of their shirts. Yet as a Socialist, I will have to become pro Northern Rock if it is nationalised. But as I am also a Sunderland supporter, I can hardly become pro the Magpies as well.


mrs k said...

Why not?

I have supported both all my life.

We could not afford to go to away games, so Dad took me Roker Park one Saturday, next St James, Sixpence in Roker end and sixpence in Gallowgate end.

Harry Barnes said...

Mrs K; I am not as anti the Black and Whites as my son is, due to the fact that when I was 15 I saw over 40 League and Cup games at Sunderland (20+), Newcastle (10) and the Bro (10) - Shackleton, Milburn and Mannion. But I do become tribal at times. Sunderland have just taken the lead against the Villa - my local Sheffield FC game being off, so I am stuck with the radio.