Saturday, December 08, 2007

Aljazeera Inside Iraq

For over a year the English language version of Aljazeera has been running a regular programme entitled "Inside Iraq". It appears on Channel 514 of Sky TV in Britain.

It normally takes the form of interviews with groups of three or so people, who are usually situated in different studios between the Middle East and America. The main interviewer is rather intrusive for my taste, but the programme is a valuable source for those following the developments in (and upon) Iraq.

Some of the past programmes can be accessed here. It would be helpful if Aljazeera would turn its attention to the efforts of civic bodies throughout Iraq: such as Trade Unions, women and youth organisations, communal groups and bodies seeking to influence internal political developments by persuasion rather than by terrorist tactics or a military presence.


Anand said...

They don't post their latest shows . . . only dated ones.

HB, are you still interested in the ISF?

Latest on ISF readiness and the GAO's perspective on it: from Bill Roggio's blog.

Feel free to post any questions you might have on how quickly the ISF can assume security responsibility from MNC-I. You can also ask how other countries could contribute to the training and equipping of the ISF (the main Iraqi security requirement from the international community going forward.)

Harry Barnes said...

Anand: I have linked to the Long War Journal on Iraq and will keep on eye on the items it posts - just as I do with Aljazeera and various others. I am not disposed to do more at the moment. But thanks for the details of the source.