Friday, February 23, 2007

Thinking About Thinking

Roger Darlington who posts as NightHawk has nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award. I am most grateful. It entitles me to display the Award Symbol which I will do as soon I have mastered the minor technical skill that is needed. Well, after all, my practical shortcomings are acceptable in a "thinker".

The award operates as a meme under the title of "Five blogs that make me think". I am pleased to be in the company of the others whom Paul has nominated. These include both Nick Cohen and Eric Lee who I know. I have just drafted a lengthy review (or "think piece" as I can now call it) on Nick Cohen's book "What's Left?" and I know that Eric Lee will also have an interest in what I have to say about the concept of "Anti-Zionism".

Writing is the easy bit. Typing, presenting and posting it on this blog is a bigger task. I also need to select my own five nominees for the "thinking blogger" awards and post a suitably linked item. Don't worry, I am thinking about these things.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your choices, Harry.